about us

Established in 1999, the Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance of Larimer County is a nonprofit association dedicated to improving our community’s approach and responsiveness to the needs of community members with mental health and substance use disorders.
Our Mission

Facilitate systemic change to address the full continuum of mental health and substance use disorder needs for everyone in Larimer County.

Our Vision

People in Larimer County address mental health and addiction like other health conditions.

Our Values
  • Sustainable change and improvement.
  • Whole person health.
  • Lived experience.
  • Health equity.
Our History

In 1999, three community agencies — Health District of Northern Larimer County, Poudre Valley Health System and the Larimer Center for Mental Health (now SummitStone Health Partners) — came together seeking changes in the local mental health and substance use systems. The Community Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance has since grown to encompass 53 people representing 35 agencies. Its members include consumer advocates, schools, city and county government, the faith community, the criminal justice system, private therapists, and other local health and human service providers. All are working together to restructure how mental illness and substance use disorder services are provided in our community, making them more effective in helping people who suffer most.

The Alliance’s 2001 report “Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in Larimer County: The Challenges We Face Today” helped show the way forward, revealing not just challenges, but also significant strengths that the community could build upon in creating a system that was more responsive to consumers.

With funding from a variety of local, state, and national sources, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Advancing Colorado’s Mental Health Care Project, the Alliance has made significant progress.

Our Steering Committee

The MHSU Alliance Steering Committee is made up of a variety of select community leaders working in diverse sectors that are typically providing services or working directly with individuals experiencing mental health and substance use disorders and are passionate about improving our community’s system of care. The Steering Committee aims to invite new members that hold a leadership role of some capacity within their organization has some influence over making impactful and systemic changes within their systems.

Beth Sowder
Social Sustainability Dept. Director
City of Ft. Collins
Scott Smith
Executive Director
Alliance for Suicide Prevention
Our Staff – Health District of Northern Larimer County, Community Impact Team
Yaz Juneau (she/her)
Senior Projects Coordinator
Sam Bruick (they/them and she/her)
Community Projects Coordinator
Michael Allen
Chief Executive Officer
SummitStone Health Partners
Brooke Jonckowski-Hopkins
Director, Behavioral Health Patient Access
Ruben Chacon
Director of Student Services
Poudre School District
Michele Christensen
Director of Program Development
Housing Catalyst
Jennifer Wallace
Administrative Director
North Range Behavioral Health
Emily Humphrey
Larimer County Criminal Justice Alternatives
Amanda Duhon
Deputy District Attorney
Larimer County District Attorney’s Office
Greg Otte
Chief Probation Officer
8th Judicial District, State of Colorado
Kelsey Lyon
Health Planning and Partnership Supervisor
Larimer County Department of Health and Environment
Reni Moreno
Colorado START Coordinator
Foothills Gateway, Inc.
April Kendall
RN, Sr. Manager Emergency Department
Banner Fort Collins Medical Center
Laurie Klith
Executive Director
The Center for Family Outreach
Karen Morgan
Consumer and Family Representative
Steve Pietrafeso
Community Advisor
Robert Williams
Executive Director
Health District of Northern Larimer County
Geena Rupp
Community Advisor
Laura Schwartz
Center Director
Salud Family Health Centers in Fort Collins
Staci Shaffer
Jail Lieutenant
Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
Scott Smith
Executive Director
Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County
Beth Yonce
Social Sustainability Department Director
City of Fort Collins
Laurie Stolen
Behavioral Health Services Director
Larimer County
Christina Taylor
Executive Director
Early Childhood Council of Larimer County
Kory Scheideman
Clinical Nurse Manager, Emergency Departments
Silen Wellington
Peer Support Advocate & Leadership Team
Yarrow Collective
Kelli Pryor
Director, Continuum of Care
United Way of Weld county

If interested in learning more about becoming a member, please contact Sam Bruick.